For us, boating and fishing are a passion and way of life in the Finnish Archipelago, and so we have created our own boat collection that combines the best features in a sustainable package.
Also, there was simply no boat on the market whose driving characteristics and structure would be good enough for hard, year-round use on the coast, so we set out to implement one. The first model was the Aaltomarine 550 FISH to which we successfully combined the above objectives.
For boaters who are looking for a durable aluminum boat for almost year-round use and which can also be ordered according to their own wishes and whose driving characteristics are always first class.
The aluminum hulls of Aaltomarine’s boats were made for the first boats in Finland. As the size of the boats and the order backlog increased, hull production was transferred to Estonia from 2018, where the subcontractor has 10 years of experience in subcontracting the construction of aluminum boats.
The boats are assembled in the Avant industrial area in Lieto, which is well connected from all sides.
The boat has been designed by Touko Liimatainen, the two-time Finnish champion of cast fishing (SVK), together with the best experts in the field. The hull & concept design is done in collaboration with R2-Marine’s, Naval Architect: Arttu Mylläri.
Training: Boat Engineer Touko Liimatainen, who has more than 10 years of experience in boating work with various manufacturers on the pleasure and work boat side, as well as certification work for new boat models.