About us

Crafting Excellence in All-Welded Aluminium Boats

Our Heritage:

Born in Turku, Thriving in the Archipelago

Our roots run deep in the maritime heart of Finland. Turku, known for its rich shipbuilding heritage, has been the cradle of our craftsmanship. Located on the edge of the Baltic Sea, we draw inspiration from the surrounding archipelago, which serves as the ultimate testing ground for our boats. Finnish archipelago, with its diverse and often challenging conditions, provides us with a rigorous year-round testing environment.

Our story:

Born in Turku, Thriving in the Archipelago

The name Aaltomarine comes from the word: “wave” and its meaning is deep in our DNA.  The starting point of Aaltomarine’s product development was to create a collection of boats whose characteristics are excellent even in harsh conditions, and we have been extremely successful in this.  Our boats are well known for these characteristics all around the coast and also on Sweden’s large inland lakes.

Quality Redefined:

All-Welded Aluminium Boats

Aaltomarine stands for uncompromising quality. Every boat that leaves our workshop is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We specialize in crafting all-welded aluminium boats, setting new industry standards for durability and performance. Our welding expertise, passed down through generations of skilled craftsmen, ensures that each vessel is not just a mode of transportation but a piece of art, meticulously constructed to withstand the harshest marine environments.

The Toughest on the Market:

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We invite you to explore the Aaltomarine difference. Whether you are a seasoned mariner seeking the ultimate vessel for your adventures or a newcomer to the boating world, our boats are designed to exceed your expectations. 

Discover the strength of all-welded aluminium boats. Explore our range and experience the Aaltomarine difference today.